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Dr. Julie Gottlieb

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Dr Julie Gottlieb

Julie V. Gottlieb is a Reader in the Department of History, University of Sheffield. She has published extensively on the relationship between women and peace activism, the gendering of pacifism, and gender and cultural approaches to the history of appeasement. She is particularly interested in the challenges and dilemmas faced by pacifists during the period of transition from peacetime to war in the late 1930s.

She is the author of ‘Guilty Women’, Foreign Policy and Appeasement in Inter-war Britain (Palgrave, 2015), and articles on women pacifists including”‘The Women’s Movement Took the Wrong Turning’: British feminists, pacifism and the politics of appeasement,’ Women’s History Review (2014) and “‘Broken Friendships and Vanished Loyalties’: Gender, Collective (In)Security and Anti-Fascism in Britain in the 1930s’ (Special issue of Politics, Religion & Ideology (2012) – ‘Women, Fascism and the Far Right, 1918-2010’, ed. Julie V. Gottlieb).

She is the main organizer of the forthcoming Batley-funded international conference, in collaboration with the Centre for Peace History, ‘Gendering Peace in Europe, 1918-1945‘, taking place 20-21 January at the HRI, University of Sheffield.

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